Katy Sjöstedt

jewellery and painting

Katarina Sjöstedt Hughes, or ‘Kattis’, is a Swedish-born artist living and working in the Far West of Cornwall, Britain. Born in 1949, Katarina went on to study in the Art School Forum in Malmö, Sweden, for two years followed by two years at the  ‘Konstfackskolan’ in Stockholm.

Having thereafter traveled throughout Europe, Kattis discovered the beautiful area of Penwith in Cornwall at the edge of the Atlantic in 1978. She soon settled there with her husband, Don Hughes, raising three sons.

Katarina then returned to painting full time and learnt the craft of silver jewellery creation. This medium complemented her other craft of making blouses, occasionally embroidered and occasionally hand painted. “This is how my life is now” she says!

Katarina has exhibited extensively throughout Europe, especially of course in Cornwall, but also in Sweden and in Provence. Nature is the main source for her inspiration, as can be gleaned from her organic-style jewellery and the paintings that more often than not feature wild seas and wild landscapes.

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