Charlie Lewin

textile art

Sustainable textile art, up-cycled clothing, reconstructed clothing, handmade felt including scarves, shawles, brooches and cards.

  • Machine embroidered handmade felt pieces responding to the climate crisis.
  • Unique colourful clothes decorated with handmade felt and up-cycled fabrics.
  • Reconstructed clothing pieced together using discarded clothes.
  • Handmade felt scarves made in vibrant colours and natural undyed tones.
  • Cards, brooches and hair clips using leftover scraps - nothing is wasted!


My interest in textiles is bound up with my interest in the environment.  Everything I create is done with an environmental slant.  I source all my base clothing through charity shops, with the aim to not only prolong the life of each piece and benefit different charities, but to make something that has been discarded into an outfit that is really beautiful and unique - special to keep and cherish.

The felt I make is with merino wool and being a natural carbon store, half the dry weight of each scarf I make is organic carbon, cleverly sequestered by the sheep!  At the end of its life these scarves are naturally biodegradable, slowly releasing their valuable nutrients back into the soil.

Using bright colours often missing in many of today's clothes stores, each item is created completely individually with love.

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